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Friday, May 13, 2011

Missing B's- Brunswick (Braunschweig)

1865 Embossed Scott 24 1gr carmine 
Quick History
Brunswick -or Braunschweig in German- was a Duchy in Northern Germany with a population of 350,000 in 1880. Brunswick was a member of the German Confederation, and in 1870 became a member of the German Empire. Stamps were issued from 1852-1865.

Favorite design motif: "The Leaping Saxon Horse"

Braunschweig circa 1914
Big Blue Picture
Brunswick, along with Baden, Bremen, and Bergedorf, were all delisted in the '69 (and then the '97) Big Blue editions.  Brunswick's stamps are classics with the "leaping Saxon horse" design, but rather expensive. That may have figured into why Big Blue removed them (especially Bremen) in 1969.

Big Blue ('47 and '41 editions), have two spaces for the 1852-63 issue, and four spaces for the 1865 issue.
The 2011 Scott Specialized Classic catalogue lists 25 major varieties. Coverage is 24%.

Reviewing the other Brunswick Stamps that were not in Big Blue, I cannot find any additional stamps below $70, other than the "choices"-(Scott 6 1/3gr black/green ($20+ Mint) or Scott 8 1sgr black/yellow($40+) or Scott 9 2sgr black/blue ($40+)) listed in the checklist..

1861 1sgr black/yellow "Leaping Saxon Horse"
Big Blue Checklist ('47 and '41 editions)
Scott 7 1sgr black/orange ($40+)
Blank space: suggest Scott 6 1/3gr black/green ($20+ Mint) or Scott 8 1sgr black/yellow($40+) or Scott 9 2sgr black/blue ($40+)

Scott 23  1/3gr black ($20+)
Scott 24 1gr carmine ($2+)
Scott 25 2gr ultramarine ($5+)
Scott 26 3gr brown ($5+)
Note: all mint

1853-63 2sgr black/blue "Leaping Saxon Horse"
Kinds of Blue
As noted, these issues are only found in my '41 and '47 editions.

1863 1/2gr black/green "Leaping Saxon Horse"
Big Blue Bottom Line
I'm a sucker for classic issues. I wish they were still in Big Blue.

Note: Map appears to be in the public domain.

Note: You will need to consult a Scott catalogue for specific pricing. I only give a very "ball park" price, and never the actual catalogue value.
<$1= less than a Dollar
$1+= more than a Dollar
$2+= more than two Dollars
$5+= more than five Dollars
$10+= more than ten Dollars
$20+..and so on.

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