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Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Cape Juby

1940 Scott 91 2c olive green,"Mail Box", red overprint
On stamps of Spanish Morocco, 1940
Quick History
Cape Juby is on the northwest coast of Africa in Spanish (Western) Sahara. The Capital was Villa Bens  (now Tarfaya), and the population was 9,800. With the agreement of France, Spain's possession of Sahara was extended north to include Cape Juby, and troops occupied the territory in 1916.

 Cape Juby: a strip of land between Spanish (Western) Sahara and French Morocco
For administration, it was attached to Spanish Sahara, formerly known as Rio de Oro. The 1916 issue consisted of overprinted/surcharged stamps of Rio de Oro. Later issues were overprinted from stamps of Spain or Spanish Morocco. The territory became part of Morocco in 1958.

Reality Check: Lots of issues, small population. Many of the stamps were sold to people like you and people like me.

100 Centimos = 1 Peseta
1934 Scott 40 1c bright rose "Street Scene in Tangier"
Black overprint; On stamps of Spanish Morocco 1928-33
Big Blue Picture
Big Blue ('97), on four pages, has spaces for 68 stamps from 1919-1939. The categories include regular,semi-postal, air post, and special delivery stamps. The 2011 Scott Classic Specialized catalogue has 140 major stamp descriptions. Coverage by Big Blue is 49%.

In my opinion, Big Blue has more than enough Cape Juby spaces. Pretty obscure place. But that's the fun of classic era world wide collecting. ;-)

If you are in the mood for more, I did find 25 stamps for no more than $2+.

The least expensive 1916 overprinted Rio de Oro stamps (Scott 1 or 2 ) are $10+.

1919-25 Overprinted Spanish issues of 1876-1923

1940 Overprinted  Spanish Morocco 1940 (This inexpensive issue is not in BB)
90,91,92,93,94,95,96,97,98,99,100, (<$1)

1926 Overprinted Spanish issue 1926

Air Post
1938 Overprinted C1-C10 Spanish Morocco

Special delivery
1919 Overprinted Spanish stamp
E1 ($2+) 
Comment: Why was the 1934 issue E2($10+) chosen by BB rather than this less costly choice?

1937 Overprinted Spanish Morocco

1940 Overprinted Spanish Morocco
E5 (<$1)
1935-36 Scott 54 2c green "View of Xauen"
Red overprint; On stamps of Spanish Morroco, 1933-35
Big Blue Checklist
1919-25 Overprinted Spanish issues of 1876-1923
8,9,25($2+),10,26($2+), (<$1 except noted)
Two blank spaces: suggest 7 Imperf (<$1) and 11($2+)

1929 Overprinted Spanish issue 1929

1934 Overprinted Spanish Morocco stamps
43A($2+) or 43($5+)
44 15c orange brown ($20+)
48 40c deep blue ($30+)
Blank space: suggest Scott 50 1p yellow green ($50)! (Other choices are $100+ and $120+!)
Note: Blank space requires a horizontal format; there is a Scott 53 @ $2+, but a vertical format stamp, and doesn't fit!

1935 Overprinted Spanish Morocco 1935
Scott 57 25c crimson with black overprint ($85 used or mint)! A designated space.

1937 Overprinted Spanish Morocco 1937
Blank space: suggest Scott 76 25c magenta with black overprint (<$1): other choices are Scott 82-85 @ $70+ apiece!

1939 Overprinted Spanish Morocco 1939

1926 Overprinted Spanish issue 1926

Air Post
1938 Overprinted C1-C10 Spanish Morocco
Two blank spaces: suggest C5 and C6 (<$1)

Special delivery
1934 Overprinted Spanish Morocco

1935 Overprinted Spanish Morocco
1937 Scott 74 15c bright blue "Harkeno Rifleman"
Black overprint; On stamps of Spanish Morocco, 1937
Kinds of Blue
The '69 and '97 editions are identical for content.

The '47 and '41 editions LACK 10 stamp spaces found in the '69 and '97 editions.


The'69 and '97 editions have designated spaces for the 1937 Scott 77,78,79,80,81, and a space for blank space choice Scott 76. The '47 and '41 editions do NOT have spaces for these 1937 issue stamps.

The'69 and '97 editions have designated spaces for the 1939 Scott 86,87,88, and 89.
The '47 and '41 editions do NOT have spaces for these 1939 issue stamps.

1926 Semi-postal Scott B2 2c rose "Queen as a Nurse"
Black overprint; On stamps of Spain, 1926
Big Blue Bottom Line
This obscure territory (to me) has yielded two expensive stamps for Big Blue. Forced by a blank space choice, the first expensive stamp is a 1934 overprinted Spanish Morocco Scott 50 1p yellow green for $50.
The Scott 1947 catalogue values Scott 50 @ $1; which is about $10 today based on inflation rates. So clearly, the stamp price has increased much more.

The second expensive entry is a 1935 overprinted Spanish Morocco stamp Scott 57 25c crimson for $85 mint or used! The 1947 catalogue values this @ 75 cents, or ~$7.50 in today's prices. Again, a large increase above inflation. But since only a few spaces in my Big Blue have Cape Juby stamps, it will be awhile before I  need them. :-)

Note: Map appears to be in the public domain.



  1. Jim, Cape Juby may be remote but is not entirely obscure. It has a certain claim to fame. Maybe you will want to check out my recent page on Cape Juby.

    1. Lovely article- and the Little Prince- who knew? I didn't.

      Gerben- your posts are must reading. !!