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Thursday, November 12, 2020

"Classic Stamp Forgeries" - a new and fantastic stamp forgery blog site for WW classical era collectors


Armenia 1921 Scott 283 50r red "Armenian Soldier"
Soviet Socialist Republic
"Counterfeits Exist": Ron's Site will show you the genuine & counterfeit differences
Into the Deep Blue

I've got really good news for those that are frustrated with stamp forgery concerns for the 1840-1940 WW classical era: a new blog site with detailed genuine/forgery information.

Classical Stamp Forgeries


This resource is the brainchild of Ron (SForgeCa), and it is much more than a passive genuine/forgery comparison. Ron combs the obscure philatelic literature and journals, and then synthesizes the information and stamp scan images into a coherent and original presentation with detailed and specific genuine/forgery signs.

The information is so outstanding that I told Ron I would gladly pay for it!

If you click on the site, you will note that presently he has information about Armenian issues. But he tells me that he has some 150 posts to be added, so we should check back often. !!


  1. Replies
    1. SForgeCa (Ron): And thanks for providing this difficult to obtain information to the Philatelic community. !!

  2. This could develop into a major philatelic resource especially if better quality photographs using modern scanners are added. So many of the older books have pictures that just aren't adequate. I am really looking forward to reviewing the site as it develops.

    1. albumfilling - I think you will be blown away by the presentations. I predict this site will indeed become a major resource.