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Saturday, June 29, 2019

Canal Zone 1921-1940 & BOB - a closer look

1933 Scott 113 14c dark blue "American Indian"
Overprinted; Type "B": Letters "A" with Sharp Pointed Tops
Perf 11 X 10 1/2
Into the Deep Blue
We continue our journey into Canal Zone stamps for 1921-1940, as well as take a look at the Air Mail and Postage Due issues.

Canal Zone 1904-1920
Canal Zone & BB Checklist

A closer look
100 Centesimos = 1 Balboa
100 Cents = 1 Dollar
1921 Scott 64 15c light blue "Statue of Balboa"
Type V Overprint in Black Reading Up
In 1921, using seven stamps from Panama, a seven stamp overprinted issue (reading up -Type V) was released on November 13. CV ranges from $1+ to $80+. All of the overprints are in black, except for the 5c blue, which is in red, and with larger type.

The various types (Type I-Type V) of overprints are shown in the Canal Zone 1904-1920 post.

1924 Scott 68 1c dark green "Coat of Arms'
In 1924, a two stamp overprinted issue was released. CV is $2+-$4+.

1924-25 Scott 80 50c lilac "Arlington Amphitheater"
Overprinted; Type "A": letters "A" with Flat Tops
Between 1924-25, a twelve stamp overprinted issue, using US stamps, was issued. The issue is characterized by the letter "A" having flat tops (Type "A").

CV is <$1-$90+.

I find it somewhat curious (and disappointing) that the 2017 Scott Classic Specialized 1840-1940 Catalogue does not provide the specific issue dates for the stamps: simply lumping them as being issued between 1924 and 1925. One has to look up that information in the Scott United States Specialized Catalogue, which has a section for the Canal Zone. My 2010 catalogue states the above stamp (50c lilac) was issued July 1, 1924. In fact, nine out of the twelve stamps were issued July 1, 1924, with the 1/2c olive brown (April 15, 1925), the 1 1/2c yellow brown (April 15, 1925), and the 14c dark blue (June 27, 1925) having different release dates.

1925-28 Scott 95 $1 violet brown "Lincoln Memorial"
Overprinted; Type "B": Letters "A" with Sharp Pointed Tops
Then, between 1925-1928, a twelve stamp issue, again using US stamps (perf 11), was released with overprint as shown. This overprint (labeled Type "B") has the letters "A" with sharp pointed tops.

CV ranges from $2+ to $160.

Again, the Scott Classic 1840-1940 catalogue does not give specific date release information, other than lumping the issue date from 1925 to 1928. Not good. The Scott US Specialized says the $1 violet brown (above) was released on April, 1926 with 20,000 stamp count.

1926 Scott 96 2c carmine rose "Liberty Bell"
Overprint Type "B"
In 1926, the US 2c carmine rose Sesquicentennial Exposition stamp was overprinted as shown for the Canal Zone. CV us $3+.

1926-27 Scott 99 10c orange "Monroe"
Overprint Type "B" in Black
Perf 10
Between 1926-27, three US stamps (2c carmine, 3c violet , 10c) with perf 10 were overprinted as shown.

Note the perforation is 10. That will distinguish this issue from the next one.

1927-31  Scott 100 1c green "Franklin"
Overprint Type "B" in Black
Perf 11 X 10 1/2
Between 1927-1931, five stamps were released, overprinted, with perf 11 X 10 1/2. Pay attention to perfs! CV is $1-$10.

1928-40 Scott 107 5c blue "Gaillard Cut"
Perf 11
Between 1928-1940, a ten stamp Canal Zone issue (designed specifically for them!) was released. All of the stamps show portraits save for the 5c blue pictorial (shown above). Again, the Scott 1840-1940 catalogue does not give specific stamp release dates. If one turns to Scott US Specialized, the released dates are given, as well as wet/dry printings (wet printings minor numbers). Suffice to say, if one is interested in more information on Canal Zone stamps, it is wise to have a US Specialized catalogue.

1933 Scott 115 3c deep violet "Washington"
Overprinted Type "B"
Perf 11 X 10 1/2
On January 14, 1933, the ubiquitous 3c deep violet "Washington" was overprinted for the Canal Zone. The perf was 11 X 10 1/2.

 In addition the previously released 14c dark blue "American Indian" stamp (shown as the header stamp for this blog post) was likewise issued with 11 X 10 1/2 perf (CV $3+). The previously released (December, 1928) 14c dark blue "American Indian" can be identified by the Perf 11 marker (CV $15).

1939 Scott 118 1/2c red orange "Franklin"
A couple of the 1938 US Presidential issue stamps were also overprinted for the Canal Zone: namely the 1/2c red orange "Franklin" and the 1 1/2c bister brown "Martha Washington" on September 1, 1939. CV is <$1.

1939 Scott 133 20c brown 
"Pedro Miguel Locks - After"
On August 15, 1939, a sixteen stamp Canal Zone 25th Anniversary of the opening of the Panama Canal pictorial issue was released, with sixteen Canal Zone scenes! Actually, the stamps are paired, with one stamp showing a "before" and another stamp showing an "after" of the same location.

CV ranges from <$1 to $10+ (used).

Of interest, the US Scott Specialized has a note that states the stamps were withdrawn on February 28, 1941, with the remainders burned on April 12, 1941.

1929 Air Mail Scott C4 10c on 50c lilac
"J.C.S. Blackburn"
Air Mail stamps for the Canal Zone began in 1929, surcharging some of the 1928 regular issue.

1929 Scott C5 20c on 2c carmine 
"Maj. Gen. George Washington Goethals"
CV for the surcharged air mails of 1929-31 range from $1+ to $40+.

1931-49 Scott C14 $1 black "Galliard Cut"
The nine "Galliard Cut" stamps of 1931-49, all with the same design, are shown here. The $1 denomination (above) was released November 18, 1931. Again, one has to check the US Scott Specialized catalogue to get release dates for this issue.

1939 Scott C19 30c rose carmine
"Pan American Clipper over Galliard Cut"
For the 10th anniversary of Air Mail service, and the 25th anniversary of the opening of the Panama Canal, a six stamp, six design air mail issue was released July 15, 1939.

One of the more interesting issues in my opinion. CV is $1 - $20+ (used).

1914 Scott J3 10c  rose carmine
Postage Due Stamps of the U.S. Overprinted in Black
Wmk 190
The first official postage due stamps were on three US postage dues (Scott 45a,46a,49a), overprinted in black as shown, and released March, 1914. CV is $10+-$40+.

According to Scott, prior to 1914, postage issues were handstamped "postage due", and used as postage due stamps.

1915 Scott J7 1c on 1c olive brown
Surcharged in Red
Between 1915-19, Panama stamps were overprinted or surcharged (nine stamps), and used for postage dues. The overprints/surcharges can be found in blue, red, or carmine.

Specifically, the three stamp November, 1915 issue was surcharged in red (shown above).

CV for the nine stamp 1915-19 output ranges from $5 to $10+.

1924 Scott J14 10c deep claret
Type "A": Letters "A" with Flat Tops
The July 1, 1925 Perf 11 three stamp postage dues issue is as shown and is Type "A".

CV is $10+-$50.

1925 Scott J17 10c orange "Monroe" 
Additional Overprint in Red
In February, 1925, a three stamp postage due issue was created by using 1924 US regular issues that were overprinted "Canal Zone" (Type "A"), with an additional overprint in red or blue.

CV is $7-$10+.

1925 Scott J18 1c carmine rose
Overprinted Type "B": Letters  "A" with Sharp Pointed Tops
The June 24, 1925 three stamp issue used US postage due stamps with an overprint (Type "B").

CV is $2+-$20.

1932-41 Scott J26 2c claret
"Canal Zone Seal"
Between 1932-41, the Canal Zone got their own postage dues (five stamps) with the above design.

The seal states "The Land Divided, The World United". CV is  a very modest <$1-$1+.

Deep Blue
Canal Zone 1928-40 Issue in Deep Blue
Deep Blue (Steiner) has eight pages for 1921-40 regular issues and BOB. All the major numbers have a space.

1914 Scott J2 2c rose carmine
Postage Due Stamps of the U.S. Overprinted in Black
Wmk 190
Out of the Blue
I would think the Canal Zone would be a great area for a specialist - so many possibilities. I might revisit the Canal Zone for my own collection, as I find the stamps quite fascinating.

Comments appreciated!

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