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A is for Aden and Z is for Zanzibar... Now what is between? For the world wide classical era philatelist and stamp collector, a country specific philatelic survey is offered by the blog author, Jim Jackson, with two albums: Big Blue, aka Scott International Part 1 (checklists available), and Deep Blue, aka William Steiner's Stamp Album Web PDF pages. In addition, "Bud" offers commentary and a look at his completely filled Big Blue. Interested? So into the Blues...

Monday, May 9, 2011


1937 Scott 2 1/2a  green
Quick History
Burma is on the Bay of Bengal, surrounded by China, Laos, Thailand and India. The Capital is Rangoon, and the population was 14,000,000 in 1931. Burma was part of India from 1853-1937, when it became self-governing while becoming a member of the British Commonwealth. Burma became totally independent in 1948. In 1989 the military government changed the name to Myanmar; a name accepted by the U.N., but not yet officially by the U.S., United Kingdom, Australia, Canada or France.

Big Blue Picture
Big Blue('97) on one page has 26 stamp spaces for regular issues of 1937 and 1938. The 2011 Scott Classic Specialized catalogue has  62 (35 regular and 27 official) major stamp varieties. Coverage is 42% by Big Blue.

Fifteen stamps that could be added by the Big Blue collector include the 10 or 11(<$1) choice in the checklist, and 12($1+),18A($1+), and the 1940 surcharged issue 34($2+). The "bonanza" are the Official stamps-overprinted "service"- 1937 issues O1,O2,O3,O4,O5,O7(<$1), and 1939 issues O15,O16,O18,O20,O21(<$1). It is surprising that Big Blue has none of the inexpensive Burma Official stamps.

1938 George Vl Scott 20 6p ultramarine
Big Blue Checklist
1937 (Stamps of India 1926-36 overprinted BURMA)
Blank space: suggest 10 or 11 (<$1)
Blank space: suggest 15($20+)

1938 George Vl
19($1+),20,21,22,23,24,28,(<$1 except noted)
Blank space: suggest 31 ($2+)

Kinds of Blue
The '69 and '97 editions are identical.
1937 issue
The "47 and "41 editions have 8 stamp spaces, while the "69 and "97 have 13 stamp spaces. The '69/'97 editions then have room for Scott 9,10or11 choice,13,14,and 15 choice.
1938 issue
The '69/'97 editions have room for two more stamps-Scott 30 and 31 choice.
In total, the 69'/97' editions provide seven more stamp spaces then the '47/'41 editions.

The 1937 Scott O3 1a dark brown & Scott  O7 4a olive green: Inexpensive "Officials"
Big Blue Bottom Line
Most of Burma's Big Blue stamps are inexpensive; although there is a $10+ and a $20+ stamp.
An easy way to expand one's collection of Burma is to collect the eleven Official stamps for <$1.

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