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Friday, November 29, 2019

Filling Deep Blue: 1934-35 & BOB Russia additions

1935 Scott 547 10k ultramarine
"Refugees from Burning Town"
Into the Deep Blue
The Russia 1934-35 issues are interesting indeed, and not that common. With this post, we will have a look at some of my recent 1934-35 additions to  Russia, as well as some BOB areas (Russia in Turkey, Wrangel issues).

The prior post covered...

Filling Deep Blue: 1866-1934 Russia additions

A Closer look
100 Kopecks = 1 Ruble
1934 Scott 543 10k indigo & black
"Lenin the Orator"
For the first decade without Lenin, a six stamp commemorative issue was released November 23, 1934.

1934 Scott 544 20k brown orange & ultamarine
"Demonstration before Lenin Mausoleum"
The two higher denomination stamps in the Lenin issue were bi-colored; quite possibly with the ugliest brown-orange tinge on the corners of the stamp ever seen. ;-)

1934 Scott 545 30k brown orange & carmine
"Lenin and Stalin"
Stalin gets his appearance on the 30k, alongside Lenin. CV for these obvious CTO-ed 20k and 30k is $8+ and $35 respectively. !!

1935 Scott 546 5k violet black
"Bombs Falling on City"
On January 1, 1935, a remarkable "Anti-war" propaganda five stamp photogravure set was released.
The stamps were issued 20 years after the onset of WWI.

Close-up: "Bombs falling on City"
The set is chilling in its depiction of the horrors of modern warfare. Here the bombs are raining from the clouds.

1935 Scott 549 20k dark brown
"Plowing with the Sword"
CV for the stamps in the set ranges from $3 to $30 (used).

Close-up: "Plowing with the Sword"
The illustrations clearly have a nightmare quality to them.

1935 Scott 550 35k carmine
I can't help but feel the stamps have a bit of a mixed message: Here "Comradeship".

Close-up; "Comradeship"
Stomping on your mutual enemy is entirely acceptable.

1935 Scott 553 15k rose carmine"Subway Station"
For the completion of the Moscow subway, a four stamp issue was released February 25, 1935. This stamp is the most scarce @ CV $32+.

1935 Scott 554 20k emerald "Train in Station"
The other stamps in the issue range from CV $7+ to $10. Contrast that with the U.S. commemorative 1935 issues: Today worth face value or less!

1935 Scott 557 15k dark blue
"Friedrich Engels"
For this grand experiment in communism, Friedrich Engels (and of course Marx) were the seminal authors. For the 40th year anniversary of the death of Engels, a four stamp set was released (CV $4-$14).

Air Post 1924 Scott C8 15k on 1r red brown
"Fokker F-111"
On 1923 Scott C2 Surcharged
In 1924, the air post C2-C5 stamps of 1923 (They never been placed in use) were surcharged and issued. CV is $1-$4.

Offices in the Turkish Empire

Offices in the Turkish Empire
1872 Scott 13 5k green, Perf 14 1/2 X 15
Horizontally Laid Paper
Like a lot of countries, Russia also had post offices in the Turkish Empire between 1863-1913.

Between 1872 - 1890, a typographic four denomination stamp set with Perf 14 1/2 X 15 was released with the above design on horizontally laid paper. CV is <$1-$3.

 Be aware that there is a similar 1868 four stamp set, Perf 11 1/2, in which the colors will dissolve in water. !!

1872 Scott 14a 5k blue
Vertically Laid Paper
The 1872-90 set can be found with vertically laid paper, and are given minor numbers by Scott.

1872 Scott 14a 5k blue (Reverse)
Vertically Laid Paper
This shows the vertically laid paper. CV ranges from $18 to $40+ for the minor number stamps.

1879 Scott 22 7k carmine & gray
Offices in the Turkish Empire
In 1879, three additional bi-colored numerals (1k, 2k,7k) were released. CV is $1-$3.

Wrangel Issues
The 1921 Wrangel issues (162 major numbers in Scott) consisted of surcharged issues of Russia, Russian Offices in Turkey, South Russia-Denkin & Crimea  Issues, and Trident stamps of Ukraine.

They were used by General Peter Wrangel's army, and civilian refugees from areas such as South Russia, Turkey, and Serbia. Scott has a note that very few of the original issues were actually sold to the public, and reprints are the norm. CV values are based on these reprints. Obviously, this is a highly specialized area, and one must have sophisticated knowledge if one wants to seriously delve into them. Recommended would be to follow Trevor Pateman's Philately Blog on the Russian area.

1921 Scott 241 1000r on 7k blue
This example represents Russian stamps of 1902-18, surcharged in blue, red, or black. Many are CV $1+, as this Scott 241 is, but others are in the CV $10-$90 category.

1921 Scott 295 5000r on 2pi on 25k blue & carmine
This example shows stamps of Russian Offices in Turkey being used. The Scott 295 is CV $2+.

1921 Trident Stamps of Ukraine Surcharged
Scott 320/Scott 332
This shows a grouping in Deep Blue of Trident stamps of Ukraine surcharged in blue, red, black, or brown for use as Wrangel issues. The inexpensive ones are CV <$1. One I don't have (Scott 331) is CV $70+.

1921 Scott 320 10,000r on 1k orange
Trident Stamps of Ukraine Surcharged
Here is a close-up of the 10,000r on 1k orange with blue surcharge. Adding to the interesting complications, there are several varieties of the Trident surcharge found on this set.

1921 Scott 335 10,000r on 3k red, Imperforate
Trident Stamps of Ukraine Surcharged
Six of the stamps (Scott 333-338) of the surcharged Ukraine Tridents are found imperforate. This example is CV <$1, although another (Scott 337) is CV $40.

Deep Blue
1935 Issue Scott 555-558 "Friedrich Engels"
As usual, Deep Blue (Steiner pages) provides a space for all the major numbers. One may need to add quadrilled pages if one wishes to push the boundary further.

1935 Scott 548 15k green 
"Before War and Afterwards"
Out of the Blue
Russian stamps during the classical era offer a lot! - although some are CV expensive (for the era), and knowledge is a necessity.

Comments appreciated!

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