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Friday, May 6, 2011

Big Blue's Bulgarian Blunder

Are you seeing double?

Embedded in the DNA of Big Blue since 1941, the illustration and description for the 1926 Bulgarian Lion "center embossed" issue should cause confusion. The Illustration is for the Scott 203 10 Leva "brown black and brown orange" stamp (<$1). The adjacent description is for the 10 Leva "brown black and brown orange" stamp.

Yes, an illustration and description for the same stamp. ;-)

Fortunately, the stamp  issue is quite short; simply consisting of the Scott 202 6 Leva "deep blue and pale lemon" stamp (<$1), and aforementioned (twice!) 10 Leva.

The 6 Leva sitting in the not designated, but still rightful spot.

Surely, Scott's Big Blue Album Editors must have been aware of the printing error over the last 70 years? There has been the '43,'47,'55,'64,'69,'79,'85,'91,'94 and '97 copyright editions since then.

Admittedly, the Editors hardly have the same necessity or urgency to correct errors as a banknote printer. But after 10 "revisions", and a current cost of $480 (with discount) for the Album?

So a "Big Blue Blunder".
(And sorry for the rant)


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