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Friday, August 2, 2019

Cape Juby - a closer look

1919 Scott 16 50c slate blue "Alfonso XIII"
Stamps of Spain, 1876-1917, Overprinted in Red or Black
Into the Deep Blue
Cape Juby has to be one of the more obscure places that ever issued stamps.

Cape Juby Map
From StampWorldHistory
The population was less than 10,000 at the time, and how many of those were literate?

The basic history, overview, and BB checklist is included in my original blog...

Cape Juby

The purpose of this post is to illustrate more examples of Cape Juby's stamp issue output from 1916-1940.

A closer look
100 Centimos = 1 Peseta
I should mention that there is a 1916 six stamp issue on 1914 Rio de Oro stamps that is overprinted "Cabo Jubi" and surcharged. CV ranges from $10+ to $70+.

I was thinking of picking some up, but Scott has a note: "Fakes are plentiful". I think I will pass.

1919 Scott 7 1/4c blue green "Mural Crown"
On Spain 1876 Scott 221A, Imperforate
Overprinted in Red
This ubiquitous stamp was overprinted as shown in 1919 for Cape Juby.

1919 Scott 11 15c ocher "Alfonso XIII"
Black Overprint
On Stamps of Spain, 1876-1917,
Spanish stamps were overprinted for a 13 stamp issue for Cape Juby.

Note the black overprint.

CV is <$1 to $40+.

1919 Scott 13 25c deep blue "Alfonso XIII"
Red Overprint
On Stamps of Spain, 1876-1917
Note the red overprint. If one insists on well centered copies, one should probably not be collecting Cape Juby. ;-)

1929 Scott 37 1p blue black "Exposition Buildings'
On Stamps of Spain, 1929, OP in Red or Blue
The eleven stamp Spanish Seville-Barcelona Exposition Issue was overprinted in red or blue for Cape Juby in 1929. CV is <$1 to $20+.

1934 Scott 41 2c dark violet, Red Overprint
"Mosque of Alcazarquivir"
Stamps of Spanish Morocco, 1928-33, OP in Black or Red
Stamps of Spanish Morocco that are overprinted were used for the fourteen stamp 1934 issue. CV for eight stamps is <$1-$10+. The rest (six stamps) are CV $20+-$140+. !!

1935-36 Scott 55 5c magenta, Black OP
"Gate in Town Wall, Arzila
On Stamps of Spanish Morocco, 1933-35, OP in Black, Blue, or Red
Another issue for 1935-36: nine stamps of Spanish Morocco overprinted. Not cheap either: six @ $20+-$100. !!

1937 Scott 73 10c emerald, Black OP
"Moroccan Phalanx"
On Stamps of Spanish Morocco, 1937
First Year of Spanish Civil War
The 1937 issue (16 stamps) again used Spanish Moroccan stamps that were overprinted. The higher denominations (four stamps) are CV $80+ !, while the lower denominations (twelve stamps) are a reasonable CV <$1-$1+. !!

1939 Scott 89 20c bright blue, Photogravure
OP in black on types of Spanish Morocco, 1939
In 1939, four stamps were issued - yes, Spanish Morocco overprinted. CV is <$1.

1940 Scott 92 5c dark blue, Red OP
On Stamps of Spanish Morocco, 1940
The 1940 issue was 16 stamps, 11 of them CV <$1.

Semi-postal 1926 Scott B1 1c orange
"Princesses Maria Cristina and Beatrice"
Types of Semi-postal Stamps of Spain, 1926, Overprinted
The 1926 semi-postal issue of Spain (13 stamps) was also issued overprinted for Cape Juby, and in different colors (types).

CV is <$1-$10+.
1938 Scott C4 40c light blue
"Desert Tribesmen watching Plane"
Spanish Morocco, Nos C1-C10 Overprinted
On June 1, 1938 The 1938 Spanish Moroccan C1-C10 stamps were overprinted as shown to serve as air post stamps. CV is <$1-$7+.

1938 Scott C7 1p dark brown
"Arab Mailman, Plane Above"
Spanish Morocco, Nos C1-C10 Overprinted
It is much easier, it seems, to find unused Cape Juby stamps compared to used stamps in collections. Considering the small literate population, that is not too surprising. Scott values "used" at the same level as "unused" (or a little less in some cases). In terms of actual abundance, I'm sure that "unused" is much more common.

Well, here is a "used" example. Now, whether this is a "real" postally used example, a CTO, or a fake, is a question I cannot answer.

Special Delivery 1937 Scott E5 "Mounted Courier"
Special Delivery stamps were issued between 1919-1940 (six stamps).

The example I show here shows a mounted courier on an overprinted Spanish Morocco issue.

One would think this is how an "urgente" post would be delivered. CV is <$1.

Deep Blue
Cape Juby 1939 Issue
Spanish Morocco 1939 Issues Overprinted
Deep Blue (Steiner) has ten pages for the 1916-1940 stamps of Cape Juby. All of Scott's major numbers have a space.

1937 Scott 77 30c red orange, Black Overprint
"Mounted Trumpeters"
On stamps of Spanish Morocco, 1937
Out of the Blue
Four comments about Cape Juby...
* For the 1930s era, unless you are really into overprinted Cape Juby, just concentrate on collecting the stamps of Spanish Morocco: less expensive overall.

*As is true for most Spanish colonies, the stamps of Cape Juby (even the low CV ones) are not much available in feeder collections here in the U.S. You will have to look for them.

*And on the other end, the higher denominations in Cape Juby sets (especially during the 1930s) have a quite high CV.

*If you know anything about Cape Juby, you know more than 99.9999% of the population. Try to work comments about Cape Juby into a conversation for bonus points. ;-)

Cape Juby - Bud's Big Blue

Note: I used Gerben van Gelder's map of Cape Juby for this blog post. I had general permission from him to use his maps, and as his StampWorldHistory web site is not presently active, I have included it here.

Comments appreciated!


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