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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Missing B's-Baden

1868 Scott 27 3kr rose "Coat of Arms"
Quick History
Baden is located in southwestern Germany, and the largest city is Karlsruhe. It was a former Grand Duchy with a population of 1,400,000 in 1864. Baden was a member of the German Confederation, and in 1870 became part of the German Empire. Baden issued stamps from 1851-1868.

Baden 1806-1945
Big Blue Picture
Big Blue dropped Baden, along with fellow German States Bergedorf, Bremen, and Brunswick in the 1969 edition. The German States had all been on one page together in the 1947 and 1941 editions. Unfortunately, the page did not return for the 1997 edition (which is my reference).

The 1947 and 1941 Big Blue had 3 spaces for the "classic" Baden era. In addition, there were 4 spaces ( out of a total of 6 denominations),  for the 1905 "Official stamps" produced for use in Baden. The 2011 Scott Classic Specialized catalogue shows 25 major numbers for the classic Baden era. Coverage by Big Blue is 12%.

So what to do with the Big Blue countries-and their stamps- that are no longer in the current (1997) Big Blue?
I can think of several choices.
1) Ignore them.
2) Collect them as if nothing has changed.
3) Something in-between.

I am opting for 3). I will include them on a supplementary page, or, less likely, I will insert a '41 or '47 page into the album.  But they aren't eligible for "Most expensive stamps in ('97) Big Blue", or for counting purposes.  Doesn't mean they aren't desirable, because they are! I love classic stamps!

Besides the offerings in "47 or "41 Big Blue, are there other (inexpensive) Baden stamps that could be collected? Here is a list for  for $1+-$10+.

1851-52 "numerals" Imperf
Scott 2 3kr black on yellow ($10+)

1860-62 "coat of arms" Perf
Scott 12 3kr ultramarine ($10+)

1862-65 "coat of arms" Perf
Scott 19 1kr black ($10+)
Scott 20 3kr rose ($1+)

1851-52 6kr black/yellow green "Numerals"
Big Blue Checklist
1868 "coat of arms" Perf
Scott 26 1kr green ($2+)
Scott 27 3kr rose ($1+)
Scott 28 7kr dull blue ($10+)

Local "Official" stamps
OL17 3pf brown ($5+)
OL18 5pf green($2+)
OL19 10pf rose(<$1)
OL20 20pf blue ($1+)

Kinds of Blue
See Big Blue Picture for discussion.

1862-65 Scott 3kr rose 
Big Blue Bottom Line
I wish Big Blue would bring Baden back into the fold.

Note: Map appears to be in the public domain.

Baden - a closer look

Comments appreciated!


  1. Jim, just got a 1917 Junior Int'l as part of my BB Census project; there's more Baden in there that seemed to get the axe in later editions. By my count:

    1851-57 imperfs: 1 ($200+!) or 6 ($25+), 2 ($10+), 7 ($10+)
    1861-64: 10 ($25+), blank (maybe 12), 15 ($80+), 20 ($2+)
    1868: as in your list
    1862 Rural postage dues: LJ1 ($2+), LJ2 ($2+), LJ3 ($25+) - all much cheaper mint
    1905 Official stamps: as in your list, plus the pricey OL16 and OL21 (I can see why these were dropped)

    Definitely a lot cheaper to go off the 1940s editions, but that does mean leaving out some nicer, somewhat pricier issues (and I agree, these are quite desirable).

    1. Nice research Tom - thanks for the information.

      I checked my collection (housed in Deep Blue (Steiner), and, with your updated list, I'm missing 15, LJ3, & OL21. I have the rest. ;-)