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Friday, April 5, 2019

Cameroun 1921-1940

1921 Scott 157 40c olive green & orange "Bakalois Woman"
Types of Middle Congo, 1907, Overprinted
Provisional French Mandate
Into the Deep Blue
French design is on display here, covering the 1921-1940 stamps of Cameroun.  This period includes the 1921-25 Provisional French Mandate and the 1925-40 French Mandate era.

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Cameroun 1897-1917 - a closer look

A closer look 1921-1940
100 Centimes = 1 Franc
1921 Scott 148 2c brown & rose "Leopard'
Types of Middle Congo, 1907, Overprinted
Provisional French Mandate
The 1916-17 issues, discussed in the previous post, were derived for Cameroun by overprinting the 1907 issue of the Middle Congo.

The 1907 Middle Congo issue designs were also used for the 1921 seventeen stamp provisional French Mandate release, but types were released this time. The types consisted of a change in colors for a given denomination. For instance, the above 2c brown & rose "Leopard" is a type of the 1907 Middle Congo issue, as the original 1907 2c denomination was colored violet & brown. 

1921 Scott 158 45c brown & rose "Bakalois Woman"
Types of Middle Congo, 1907, Overprinted
Provisional French Mandate
The 1921 45c brown & rose "Bakalois Woman" was originally colored "violet & red" in the 1907 issue.

The seventeen stamp 1921 provisional French Mandate issue, besides a change in color, was additionally overprinted "Cameroun".

Lovely stamp.

I don't mind that the French reused these stamp designs as "types".

1921 Scott 163 5fr dull red & gray "Coconut Grove"
Types of Middle Congo, 1907, Overprinted
Provisional French Mandate
CV for the seventeen stamp 1921 issue ranges from <$1 to $8. Unused is valued slightly higher than used. Covers that are franked with this issue are valued at about 9X -15X used. For instance, this 5 Franc dull red & gray is catalogued @ $9+ for unused, $8 for used, $60+ for cover, and $120+ on cover, single franking.

Lesson: Collectors 100 years ago would have left a better legacy if they had not soaked colonial stamps off cover. ;-)

1925 Scott 164 25c on 15c blue & orange "Leopard"
Surcharged with New Value and Bars
Between 1924-25, five stamps from the 1921 provisional French Mandate issue were surcharged with new values and bars.

1924 Scott 165 25c on 2fr green & rose "Coconut Grove"
Surcharged with New Value and Bars
Three stamps in the issue were surcharged 25c, one stamp 65c, and one stamp 85c.

Other French colonies in Africa (examples-Togo, Chad, Gabon) had similar surcharges for their issues during this time period.

1925 Scott 168 85c on 75c red brown & light green
"Bakalois Woman"
Surcharged with New Value and Bars
CV for the 1924-25 five stamp surcharged issue ranges from $1+ to $2+ - quite inexpensive.

To generalize, French colony stamps tend to be less expensive than British colony stamps.

1925 Scott 174 10c red brown & orange/yellow
"Herder and Cattle Crossing Sanaga River"
French Mandate
With the formal French Mandate in place, a new three design, forty-two stamp issue was released from 1925 to 1938.

(As mentioned, French Colony stamps tend to be less expensive compared to British colony stamps, but the French do have their faults: Namely, do they really need all of those many denominations for their issues?)

The seven lower denominations have the above design in bi-colors.

I like it.
1925 Scott 188 50c light green & cerise
"Tapping Rubber Tree"
French Mandate
The twenty-one middle denominations show a rubber tree being tapped.

1925 Scott 209 5fr brown & black/bluish
"Rope Suspension Bridge"
French Mandate
The fourteen higher denominations have the design as shown.

CV for the entire forty-two issue is <$1-$15, with thirty- nine stamps @ <$1-$4+.

1926 Scott 212 1.25fr on 1fr dull blue
"Rope Suspension Bridge"
Surcharged with New Value and Bars in Red
In 1926, the 1 Franc dull blue, which was also first issued in 1926, was surcharged as shown. The unsurcharged stamp is <$1, and the surcharged stamp is <$1 - about the same.

1939 Scott 227 4c deep ultramarine
"Mandara Woman"
Between 1939-40, a 30 stamp engraved issue with four designs was released.

The most striking (to my eyes) is the "Mandara Woman" for the seven lower denominations.

The people came from the Mandara (Wandala) kingdom in the Mandara Mountains in Cameroon.

1940 Scott 238 70c plum 
"Falls on M'bam River near Banyo"
The middle seven denominations featured a cataract on the M'bam River.

Sanaga River Drainage
The Mbam River is a tributary of the Sanaga River.

1939 Scott 251 3fr dark violet "Elephants"
Lovely engraved design for the twelve middle-upper denominations.

All is not well with the Elephant population in Cameroun, however. In 2012, over half (450) of the Elephants were killed for their ivory that resided in Bouba N'djida National Park by poaching gangs from nearby Chad and Sudan.

1939 Scott 253 10fr bright red violet
"Man in Yare"
The three highest denominations feature this design.

CV for the 30 stamp issue ranges from <$1 to $3+.

1940 Scott 259 10c deep blue green
"Mandara Woman"
Stamps of 1925-40 Overprinted in Black or Orange
"Cameroun Francais" and the August 27, 1940 date was overprinted on 31 stamps of the preceding 1939-40 issue. This was to acknowledge that Cameroun was affiliated with General de Gaulle's "Free France" movement.

1940 Scott 268 90c Prussian blue "Elephants"
Stamps of 1925-40 Overprinted in Black or Orange
CV for the issue is higher than most Cameroun stamps, ranging from $1+ to $190.

1925 Scott J5 15c gray & black 
"Man Felling Tree"
Postage Due
Unlike most postage due releases around the world, Cameroun ( and often other French colonies) has a pictorial for the 1925-27 thirteen stamp issue.

CV is <$1-$7+.
1939 Scott J20 60c brown violet
"Carved Figures"
Postage Due
The 1939 postage due engraved issue of ten stamps has an attractive "Carved Figures" design.

CV is <$1-$2+.

Deep Blue
1921 Cameroun Issue in Deep Blue
Deep Blue (Steiner) has fifteen pages for the 1921-40 stamps of Cameroun. All of the Scott major numbers have a space.

1927 Scott 197 90c brown red & cerise
"Tapping Rubber Tree"
French Mandate
Out of the Blue
One can see why French designs are almost universally admired by the WW collector.

Note: Map appears to be in the public domain.


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  1. Stamps of Cameroun and other French African colonies certainly evoke the feeling of being in the jungle or the Sahara Desert. The French colonial stamps seem underrated to me.