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Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Ascension - Bud's Big Blue

1934 Ascension issue in Bud's Big Blue
Bud's Big Blue
Bud's Observations
Ascension Island’s stamps put me in the mind of an evening at a British explorers’ club. An expedition has just returned from this tiny dot in the mid-Atlantic anxious to tell stories and show pictures. One presenter talks about mountains and sea shores (Scott 27, 28 and 43). Another comments on the little settlement of Georgetown (Scott 23, 25 and 40) which has the island’s only post office. An ornithologist delivers an emotional disquisition on the Onychoprion fuscatus (sooty tern, Scott 30) and its threatened extinction by feral cats shamelessly introduced by previous expeditions. The evening ends with the chapter chair raising a toast to the Crown (vintage port, of course). A satisfying evening, entirely, but inconsequential.

Cancels are rare and expensive.

Census: 31 in BB spaces, 8 tip-ins, no supplement pages.

Jim's Observations
Bud - I don't have vintage port, but I've laid away some more modern stuff. ;-)

Looking for possible additional stamps to collect with a $4 catalogue limit yields basically...none!

No bargains here, nothing to see, please move along. 

Ascension stamps are popular. We all dream about living on a tropical island. Only nine hundred lucky souls actually live there. But we can have a little piece of paradise by buying their stamps.

Ascension Blog Post and Checklist

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