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Saturday, November 12, 2016

Antigua - Bud's Big Blue

Antigua in Bud's Big Blue
Bud's Big Blue
Bud's Observations
Classic British designs, some with local scenes. Excellent engraving. The series with the Insignia of Antigua and Barbuda are highly sought after. Place/date cancels, other than the generic “Antigua”, are difficult to find except for St. John’s.

Despite being cancelled, perf-clipped and smudged, the six pence (top row, second stamp, p. 1) may be a forgery. Should I replace it? Probably.

Census: 37 in BB spaces, one tip-in, 13 on supplement page.

Jim's Observations
Antigua has attractive British colonial stamps; no wonder the area is popular. Of course there are no bargains to be had by the worldwide collector.

Antigua Blog Post and Checklist

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  1. Hi, Jim! You must be a lucky ww stamp collector since you have such stamps in your albums! It's true that most of the 19th century stamp issues by Antigua are difficult to identify and many of them exist today without gum? Regards, Catalin

    1. Thank you Catalin
      Antigua, like a number of the British colonies, has an early stamp era where one needs to pay careful intention to stamp characteristics in order to make a proper identification.

      The stamps shown here for Antigua are Bud's, not mine - he has the finer BB collection. True, my collection is not too bad either, but Bud's is better. ;-)