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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Big Blue Blog now available in 50 Languages

1908 Scott 49 1pi deep blue/blue
Austria offices in the Turkish Empire
Big Blue's Mascot Stamp
Quick History
Good news!

World Wide classical stamp collecting attracts a worldwide following, and this blog is no exception. As of this month (May, 2012), we have had 124 countries read the Big Blue blog.

It has just become a lot easier.

I have added the "Translate" Google gadget to the front page. 50 languages are available on the drop down menu. Amazing!

I can't promise that American idiomatic English will translate perfectly into another language, but Google's translation service should help the many visitors where English is the second or third language.




  1. Great. Now if you can just find a service that will automatically "translate" the Scott numbers in your checklist into Stanley Gibbons, Michel, Y&T, et al :)

  2. I've no doubt Scott, SG, Michel, and Y&T would embrace the service enthusiastically. ;-) !!

    Actually, I know of a fellow in our Stamp Club who has created a database that has "translated" the catalogue numbers from the major catalogues for most of the classical era. ;-)

    Unfortunately, it is for his eyes only. ;-)

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  4. Note: I try to keep this blog site "commercial free". If a post is nice enough, but points to a commercial site that seems "gratuitous", and offers a commercial service that is irrelevant to the blog, it will be deleted.