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A is for Aden and Z is for Zanzibar... Now what is between? For the world wide classical era philatelist and stamp collector, a country specific philatelic survey is offered by the blog author, Jim Jackson, with two albums: Big Blue, aka Scott International Part 1 (checklists available), and Deep Blue, aka William Steiner's Stamp Album Web PDF pages. In addition, "Bud" offers commentary and a look at his completely filled Big Blue. Interested? So into the Blues...

Friday, November 11, 2011

Kinds of Blue: Review of the "D" and "E" countries

The Denmark Caravel's: 1933-40, 1933-34, & 1927 issues
The 1933-40 and 1933-34 issues first appear in my '69 edition
Big Blue Picture for Kinds of Blue
For each country in Big Blue, there is a section called "Kinds of Blue" where any differences between the '41,'47,'69, and '97 editions are reviewed. But here, as we have done before, we will present all the "D" & “E” country listings in one convenient blog, and comment about overall trends.

A)These countries are identical in content in ALL editions reviewed ('41,'47,'69,'97)
Danish West Indies
Diego Suarez
East Africa & Uganda
Elobey, Annobon & Corisco
Comment: As noted prior, the difference between the ’41 through the ’97 for many countries is…none.

B) For the "D" & “E” countries/stamps in the '69 edition, the '97 edition was IDENTICAL in content in all cases. (The ‘47/’41 editions were also identical for these countries.)
Comment: In fact, except for dropping Anjuan in the ’97, I can’t think of a difference in content between the ’97 and ’69 for the A-E countries.

C) The '69 editors for the following countries, added some stamp spaces.
Dominican Republic
Dutch Indies

The major difference was in Denmark, where the ‘69/’97 added the 1933-40 definitives/ overprints; totaling 40 stamps & one whole page!

D) But, as we have observed before, the ’69 editors also removed stamp spaces.
Dominican Republic
Dutch Indies

Especially Egypt: see my comment for the Egypt blog:

Kinds of Blue gone wrong.
I usually don't comment much on the changes in the BB editions, but the '69 did "quite" a job on some later 1937-38 regular issues. ;-)  The '69 BB  in THREE separate cases drops the LAST stamp in a three stamp series (222,227,233), then REMOVES a series (228,229,230,). All of these stamps are <$1. And all of these stamps were happily ensconced in the '47/'41 editions. Despite the much greater spread out format of the '97, these stamp spaces were not returned.

E) The '69 continued the trend of removing some small stamp issuing entities.
Eastern Rumelia
Eastern Silesia
Comment: Not good.  :-(

F)  Printing error for the "D" & “E” countries in BB

Denmark: See my blog comment:
Finally, the illustrated stamp cut in the first space for the 1933-40 Caravel's is bizarre; a wildly out of place 1875-79 Scott 26 4o slate & blue! I first became aware of this printing error from Bob Skinner's "Filling Spaces" blog. One can imagine the confusion this illustration cut has caused since at least the '69 edition. Ignore, and put in a 238A 15o deep red, the first stamp of the redrawn Type II issues.

(1930-31) Portraits/Pictorials 
A Blank space: a horizontal space; but only vertical stamps left in series, so suggest 240($2+).

Too much enthusiasm in the ‘69/’97.  ;-)  The Air Post 1931 issue consists of seven stamps, but BB provides 10 spaces! So I added three of the 1929 air post series to fill out the blank spaces, even though BB doesn’t formally offer spaces for the 1929 Air Post issue. Not that I’m complaining.  ;-)

Note: There were a number of stamp color designation changes, as usual, between BB and the 2011 Scott Classic catalogue. They are listed in the appropriate Country checklist section.

G) BB in a few cases shifted smaller countries around between the ‘41/’47 and ’69 editions.
Diego Suarez
Elobey, Annobon & Corisco

Below are the specifics for the Countries with differences between the additions.

Stamp spaces for Eastern Silesia not found in the '69/'97 editions
“D” & “E” Countries Kinds of Blue

The '97, '69, '47, and '41 editions are all the same in content, although there are differences in layout.
Specifically, "Man climbing Oil Palm" issues of 1913-25 are together in the '97 and '69 editions,while split into 1913-17,1922, and 1922-25 segments in the '47 and '41 editions. The 1925-27, 1926-33, 1937-38, and 1937-40 "Man climbing Oil Palm" sections are the same for all editions. Presently, Scott has lumped all the 1913-39  "Man climbing Oil Palm" issues all together in the catalogue.
There is a "singularity" in the '97 edition. The first page for the 1901-1925 year issues has two different sized fonts for the descriptive stamp spaces; a small one and a large one. Neither appear to be the same as the font used in the '69 edition.

The postal stamps of Dalmatia are not represented in the '69 or '97 editions, but are present in the '47 and '41 editions just after the Cyprus section.

1921 (Italian stamps of 1906-08 surcharged)
Scott 2 5c on 5c green ($1+) "5 centesimi di corona"
Scott 3 10c on 10c claret ($1+)
Two blank spaces: suggest Scott 4 25c on 25c blue($2+) and Scott 5 50c on 50c violet($2+)

Special delivery
1921 (Italian special delivery stamp E1 surcharged)
Scott E1 25c on 25c rose red ($2+) "25 centesimi di corona"


The '97 and '69 editions are identical in content, except the 5 page layout in the '69 has been stretched to 9 pages in the '97.

Huge difference, though, between the '97/'69 and '47/'41 editions.
Specifically, the ...

1933-40 large Numerals (redrawn)
(Only exception: 229 10o light brown space is on the preceding page of the '47/'41)

1933-40 (1927 Caravel redrawn) Type I & Type II
236,238G,238H or 237,238I or 238,238J,(<$1)

1934-41 King Christian X
239,240,240A,241,242,243($2+),(<$1 eN)

1937-40 overprinted

(stamps of 1937-40 surcharged)

Fortunately, these large omissions were rectified by the '69 edition.

Diego Suarez

The '97,'69,'47 and '41 editions are all identical.
For the '69, Diego Suarez is found after Cuba.
For the '41 & '47, Diego Suarez is found after Cyprus.

Dominican Republic

The '97 and '69 are identical in content except the '97 spreads out to 5 pages for BOB what the '69 has on one page.

The '47 and '41 are identical in content.

The '69 and '97 have these stamp spaces available, which are not found in the '47 and '41 editions.
1880-91 "Coat of Arms" (Actually 1885-91)
92(<$1) 20c dark brown

1899-1900 "Columbus mausoleum" fund raising issue
Blank space(horizontal): suggest 110 or 110A(<$1)

The'47 and '41 have these stamp spaces available, which are not found in the '69 and '97 editions.
1900 Map of Hispanola
116(<$1) 10c orange

Air Post
C29 ($1+) 50c dark brown

C38(<$1) 25c bright red lilac & red violet

Dutch Indies

The '97 and '69 editions are identical. The '47 and '41 editions are identical.

The '47 and '41 editions have two more (blank) spaces available for the 1870-88 issue.
Choose two: 12($2+),13(<$1),14($2+),15($1+)

The '97 and '69 editions have an extra space for the 1928 Air post issue.

The '97 and '69 editions have three extra spaces for the 1931 air post issue.
C15($2+),C16($2+), and C11/C12/C13/C17 choice(<$1-$10+)

Eastern Rumelia

The Eastern Rumelia section is not in the '69 and '97 editions.
The '47 and '41 editions are identical in content.

1881  "Crescent and Turkish Inscriptions of Value"
10,11,12, ($1+-<$1)
Blank space: suggest 13 ($2+)

1884 "Crescent and Turkish Inscriptions of Value"

Eastern Silesia

The '97 and '69 editions do not have these plebiscite stamps in the album.
The '47 and '41 editions are identical in coverage. The page is found after the Dutch Indies section.

1920 (Czech stamps 1918-20 overprinted "SO 1920" in black,blue,violet, or red)
1 or 22, 2, 3*($20+) or 23, 4($10+) or 25, 26, (<$1 eN)
5, 6 or 27,7,28, 8,(<$1)
9,11,12,13,14($1+), (<$1 eN)
Note: Scott 1-21 Imperf; Scott 22-30 Perf.
*Note 3 or 23 are 5h blue green in Scott; "yellow green" in BB
eN= except noted

Newspaper (Czech newspaper stamps overprinted "SO 1920")
1920 Imperf
P1,P2,P3,P4,P5, (<$1)

Special Delivery
1920  Imperf (Czech special delivery stamps overprinted  "SO 1920" in blue)

Postage Due Imperf (Czech postage due stamps overprinted "SO 1920" in blue and red)
J1,J2,J3,J4, (<$1)
Two blank spaces: suggest J5,J6,(<$1)


The '69 and '97 editions are identical in content.
The '47 and '41 editions are identical in content.

The "47 and '41 editions have a space for the 1892 Scott 30 5s purple ($1+) The '47/'41 editions also have under Officials, 5 blank spaces for the 1886-87 issue. Suggest O1,O2,O4,O7,O8,O9,($2+) as possibilities.

The '69 and '97 editions has three more space for the 1893 issue ( Scott 37 ($10+) & two blank spaces).
For the blank spaces, suggest 38($2+), and choices not taken (31,33,36,34,37,($2+-$10+))


The '97 and '69 editions are identical in content.
The '47 and '41 editions are identical in content.

The '47 and '41 editions have a different layout for the "Sphinx & Pyramid" designed stamps, but the coverage is the same compared to the '69/'97 editions.

The '47/'41, contrary to the usual pattern of not necessarily being up to date on later issues, provides seven! more spaces for the  1937-38 issues, and provides three more spaces for the 1923 King Fuad issue. Therefore, a total of 10 spaces were removed in the '69 edition, and did not return in the '97 edition.

The '47/'41 does have a printing error which is described below,

Finally, the '69/'97 does provide for 5 more spaces; mostly in the air post section.

The '47/'41 has three more spaces for the 1923 Scott 99 20m dark green, Scott 100 Scott 50m myrtle green, & Scott 101 100m red violet (<$1).
The '47/'41 has an extra space for the 1934 Scott 186 50m prussian blue(<$1).
The '47/'41 has a two extra spaces for the 1937 Scott 214 15m & Scott 215 20m stamps(<$1)
The '47/'41 has an extra space for the 1937 Scott 222($1+)
The '47/'41 has  three extra spaces for the 1937 series Scott 228,229,230,(<$1)
The '47/'41 has an extra space for the 1938 233($1+)

The '47/'41 has an error: a 1936 series Scott 201 description (15m dark violet) space, AND a 15m illustration space- the same stamp! Should be Scott 200 13m copper red. This was corrected in the '69/'97 editions.

The '69/'97 has an extra blank space (suggest 111) for the 1926 series.
The '69/'97 has four more spaces for the Air post 1933-38 series (C17, suggest C7,C18,C19,)

Elobey, Annobon & Corisco

The '97, '69,'47 and '41 editions are all similar in content. Elobey, Annobon & Corisco's stamp spaces can be found after Cuba in the '69, and after Cuba and Eastern Rumelia in the '47 and '41 editions.


The '97,'69,'47,'41 editions are all identical in content.
Epirus can be found after the Dutch Indies section in the '69. In the '47 and '41, it can be found after the section on Ecuador.


The '69 and '97 editions are identical in content.
The '47 and '41 editions are identical in content.

The '47 and '41 editions do not offer a space for the 1924 Scott 40 25p yellow (<$1)
A bit interesting, as the '47 and '41 editions label the date "1920-21" for the "Skyline of Tallinn" issue.
The 1924 Scott 40 was not added until after the '47 edition, when the date label was changed to "1920-24".


The'97 and '69 editions are identical.
The '47 and '41 editions are identical.

The '47/'41 edition has for the Air Post 1931 issue: 5 spaces rather than 10 spaces ('97/'69).  That leaves out suggested C16,C17,C1,C2,C3. Of interest, of course, is the blank spaces outrun the number of stamps in the issue in the '69/'97, and I had to add three of the 1929 air post series to fill out the blank spaces.

The '47/'41 edition for the 1930-31 OP 1928 issue has 10 spaces compared to 12 spaces in the '97/'69.
So drop two of the OP stamp choices in the '47/'41 ( see checklist).

The '47/'41 editions do NOT have the 1936 Italian occupation stamp spaces (seven stamps- N1-N7).

Note: Map appears in the public domain.

Comments appreciated!

Dalmatia Map: stamps not found in the '69/'97

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