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Thursday, March 3, 2011


1933 Scott 3 9p dark green & Scott 4 1a dark brown
Indian Stamps 1926-32 overprinted "BAHRAIN"
Quick History

Bahrain is a small island country near the western edge of the Persian gulf. The largest island is Bahrain, 34 by11 miles in size, with the Capital city of Manama located there. The population was 120,000 in 1940.
In 1861, the British put the Islands under its rule and protection, and the Al Khalifa royal family has been important in the country since the 1860's. Known for its pearls, oil was discovered in 1932, which makes the country quite wealthy today.
The 1926-32 stamps of British India were overprinted for use in Bahrain beginning in 1933. The British Postal Administration had its stamps overprinted beginning in 1948.

Big Blue Picture

On one page, Big Blue (1969) has 15 stamp spaces and two blank spaces for a total of 17 stamp spaces.
The 2011 Scott Classic Specialized  has 37 major catalogue numbers up to 1941.
Coverage by Big Blue is 46%.

Unless you've come into some oil money, there are few bargains for the stamps of Bahrain.
I did find 9 stamps that the collector could consider.

15 or 4 (<$1-$2+) take the "non-chosen" from the checklist
10 or 11 (<$1-$1+) Take the "non-chosen"  from the checklist.



26 ($5+)
32, ($1+)

Big Blue Checklist

1933-34  Indian Postal Administration issues of 1926-32 overprinted
1,2,3, (<$1-$2+)
15 or 4 (<$1-$2+)
7,($20+) !
Blank space: suggest 10 or 11 (<$1-$1+)
Blank space: suggest (gulp) Scott 13 2r brown- orange and carmine rose ($40)!
Note the only other logical "choice" is Scott 14 ($150+)!!!

1938-41 overprinted
21,22 (<$1-$2+)
23,24 (<$1-$2+)

Bahrain in the Persian Gulf
Kinds of Blue

The 1997 edition and the 1969 edition are identical.
The 1969 (and 1997) editions  has better coverage of the 1933-34 issue compared to the 1947 (and 1941) editions.
1947 (Total 8 spaces): 1,2,3,4,5,6, and 2 small spaces.
1969 (Total 11 spaces):1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8, and 1 small space(10 or 11?); and large stamp 12 and 1 large space (13 or 14?)

Big Blue Bottom Line
Whether its because of the India area stamp collectors, or the oil following through the region, Bahrain's stamps are expensive. But the "middle priced"  Golden Tulip Hotel in Bahrain is $172/ night, so save money and buy the stamps! ;-)

Note: Map in public domain.

Note: You will need to consult a Scott catalogue for specific pricing. I only give a very "ball park" price, and never the actual catalogue value.
<$1= less than a Dollar
$1+= more than a Dollar
$2+= more than two Dollars
$5+= more than five Dollars
$10+= more than ten Dollars
$20+..and so on.

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