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Thursday, December 9, 2021

Danzig 1924-32 Scenes of the Free State Issue

Engraved close-up: "Oliva Castle and Cathedral"
1924 Scott 193 1g
Into the Deep Blue

The "Free City and State" of Danzig came under the protection of the League of Nations in 1920.

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The stamp issues are fascinating, and worth a closer look.

1924 Scott 193 1g yellow green & black
"Oliva Castle and Cathedral"

One of the issues that caught my eye is the "Scenes of the Free State" stamps released between 1924-32. They have exquisite line engraving center scenes. 

1924 Scott 194 1g orange & gray black
"Oliva Castle and Cathedral"

The 1 Gulden stamps in the issue consist of the Scott 193 "yellow green & black" (2/22/24), the Scott 194 "orange & gray black" (11/28/24), and the Scott 194a "red orange & black" (5/1932). All have watermark 125 (Lozenges).

Of interest, there is a 1938 Scott 233 1g "red orange & black". It is 32.5 X 21.25 mm, while the 1924 example is 31 X 21 mm.  The 1938 issue has watermark 237 (Swastikas).

Engraved close-up: "Oliva Castle and Cathedral"
1924 Scott 194 1g

Great scene.

1924 Scott 195 2g red violet & black
"Mottlau River & Krantor"

The 2 Gulden red violet & black was issued 9/22/24.

Engraved close-up: "Mottlau River & Krantor"
1924 Scott 195 2g

The line engraving scene is done well enough, that it wouldn't be out of place hanging in an art museum.

1924 Scott 196 2g rose & black
"Mottlau River & Krantor"

On 11/28/24, only two months since the initial 2g red violet & black stamp was issued, a same denomination 2g rose & black was released. The 2g red violet & black is $45 unused, while the 2g rose & black is CV $3+. Perhaps the difference between CVs is related to the short time the 2g red violet & black was in circulation.

1924 Scott 197 3g dark blue & black
"View of Zoppot"

Don't you agree that Danzig's stamps are particularly well designed? I think it may be due to the popularity of stamp collecting then, and Danzig (as a small entity) could fill it's coffers with money from said stamp collectors if the stamps were attractive to them.

Engraved close-up: "View of Zoppot"
1924 Scott 197 3g
A close up of the 3g center engraving.

1924 Scott 198 5g brown red & black
"St. Mary's Church"

Both the 5g and 10g stamps are considerably more CV expensive "used" as opposed to "unused" (5g: $8+ vs $4+; $110 vs $21).

Engraved close-up: "St. Mary's Church"
1924 Scott 198 5g

Incredible line engraving. No wonder I prefer "classic era" stamps. ;-)

1924 Scott 199 10g dark brown & black
"Council Chamber on the Langenmarkt"

Danzig must have made a "mint", so to speak, with selling there stamps to collectors "unused".

Engraved close-up: "Council Chamber on the Langenmarkt"
1924 Scott 199 10g
Out of the Blue

I hope you enjoyed these enlarged center line engravings. What artistry!

Comments appreciated!

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