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Thursday, August 12, 2021

Cyprus 1928-34 - a closer look

1928 Scott 121 18pi dark brown & black 
Into the Deep Blue

Cyprus has some wonderful pictorials between 1928-1934. Let's show them off! 

The original Cyprus blog post is here.

1928 Scott 114 3/4pi dark violet 
"Silver Coin of Amathus"
The engraved 1938 set of ten pictorials, issued for the 50th year of Cyprus as a British colony, is particularly well designed. There is much of Cyprus and little of British influence, which is refreshing.
Lion's Head Facing Right
Silver Coin from Amathus, 350 B.C.

The stamp has a similar image as this 350 B.C. standard circulation coin from Amathus, an important ancient royal Greek settlement on Cyprus.

1928 Scott 115 1pi Prussian blue & black
"Philosopher Zeno"
5th century B.C.E. Zeno of Elea is known for his paradoxes.....

"For anyone (S) to traverse the finite distance across a stadium from p0 to p1 within a limited amount of time, S must first reach the point half way between p0 and p1, namely p2.

S is on a line at p0 on a line that extends to p1. p2 is halfway between p0 and p1 and p3 is halfway between p0 and p2. p4 is halfway between p0 and p3.

Before S reaches p2S must first reach the point half way between p0 and p2, namely p3. Again, before S reaches p3S must first reach the point half way between p0 and p3, namely p4. There is a half way point again to be reached between p0 and p4. In fact, there is always another half way point that must be reached before reaching any given half way point, so that the number of half way points that must be reached between any pn and any pn-1 is unlimited. But it is impossible for S to reach an unlimited number of half way points within a limited amount of time. Therefore, it is impossible for S to traverse the stadium or, indeed, for S to move at all; in general, it is impossible to move from one place to another.*"  * From Plato/standford.edu

1928 Scott 116 1 1/2pi red "Map of Cyprus"
The engraved ten stamps of the 1928 issue, which celebrates the 50th year of Cyprus as a British colony, has a rather high CV: ranges from $1+ to $275. !!

1928 Scott 117 2 1.2pi ultramarine
"Discovery of the Body of St. Barnabas"
St. Barnabas is the patron saint of Cyprus, and was thought to have been born around the same time as Christ's birth.

1928 Scott 118 4pi deep red brown
"Cloisters of Bella Paise Monastery"
Bellapais Abbey is the ruin of a monastery built in the 13th century by the Canons Regular.

1928 Scott 119 6pi dark blue
"Badge of the Colony"
In 1960, British rule ended. Conflict between the Greek Cypriots and Turkish Cypriots continued, ultimately leading to war in 1974, and the division of the island.

Division of Cyprus

1928 Scott 120 9pi violet brown
"Hospice of Umm Haram at Larnaca"
The historic Islamic Mosque of Umm Haram , built in the 1700s, was to honor the foster mother of Mohammad.
1934 Scott 125 1/4pi yellow brown & ultramarine
The 1934 engraved issue of eleven stamps likewise mostly feature Cyprus scenes.

1934 Scott 127 3/4pi violet & black
"Peristerona Church"
The issue does have a small vignette of George V on some stamps. Nine of the 1934 Cyprus scenes were repeated for the 1938-44 George VI issue.

1934 Scott 128 1pi brown & black
CV for the eleven stamp 1934 set ranges from <$1 to $85.

1934 Scott 133 9pi dark violet & Black brown
"Queen's Window, St. Hilarion Castle"
This is a scene which is only found in the 1934 issue.

1934 Scott 134 18pi olive green & black
I must say these scenes are most agreeable, and are full of ancient history references. For those that would like more, I've linked the stamp descriptions with a resource.

1934 Scott 132 6pi blue & black
Out of the Blue

I hope these classic stamps will whet your appetite to learn more about ancient Cyprus!

Note: Lion's Head Coin image © American Numismatic Society (ANS): Used here for educational purposes.
Cyprus Division Map is from Wikipedia.

Rueful note: I don't think I've ever had a harder time completing a blog post as this one. It sat for a month without me finishing it. True, I was quite busy with other things.

Comments appreciated!

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