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Saturday, September 27, 2014

Aitutaki- a closer look at the stamp issues

1903 Scott 1 1/2p green, red overprint
Stamps of New Zealand surcharged
Into the Deep Blue
The 2011 Scott Classic Specialized catalogue has, for Aitutaki 1903-27, 31 major number descriptions. Of those, 15 are CV <$1-$5+. Only 4, or 13%, are CV <$1-$1+. Aitutaki stamps are a bit expensive for WW collectors, but a collection can be accumulated.

Aitutaki stamps consist of overprinted or surcharged New Zealand stamps, or designs shared with the Cook Islands (Rarotonga) or Niue.

Aitutaki is a member of the Cook Islands (Enlarge map)

A closer look at the stamps and issues
12 pence = 1 Shilling
1903 Scott 2 1p rose, blue overprint
Stamps of New Zealand surcharged
The first issue for Aitutaki was produced in 1903, and consisted of six overprinted/surcharged New Zealand stamps. Note the denomination is overprinted in the native language

1903 Scott 3 2 1/2p blue, red overprint
Stamps of New Zealand surcharged
Lovely stamp, Yes? The CV for the stamps of the first issue is a moderately high $5-$60.

1918 Scott 24 2 1/2p dull blue , overprinted
Stamps of New Zealand 1909-19
The 1917-20 issue for Aitutaki had nine stamps, and mostly consisted of the "George V" New Zealand stamps of the era overprinted, as shown, in either red or dark blue. CV ranges from $1+-$10+.

1920 Scott 29 1p carmine & black "Avarua Waterfront"
In 1920, a six stamp pictorial set was issued for Aitutaki. The designs are shared by the Cook Islands (Rarotonga) and Niue issues. The "Avaruna Waterfront" is actually on Rarotonga.

1927 Scott 36 2 1/2p blue & black
"Rarotongan Chief (Te Po)"
Continuing the theme of using Rarotongan references for Aitutaki, here is a lovely 1927 issued stamp. Engraved, the design is truly stunning- click and enlarge for the full effect.

From 1932-1972, stamps of the Cook Islands were used, and specific Aitutaki stamp production ceased.

Deep Blue
Deep Blue (Steiner) has two pages for the stamps of Aitutaki, and all the major Scott numbers have a space.

1917 Scott 26 6p carmine rose, blue overprint
On New Zealand stamps 1909-19
Out of the Blue
I'm now adding more images to the earlier posts. 

Note: This blog entry "Aitutaki- a closer look at the stamp issues" is now incorporated into the original Aitutaki blog post.


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