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Thursday, June 1, 2017

KImble's June Postmark Calendar

Kimble's June Calendar
Into the Deep Blue
As a collaborative project, Dan and I are presenting a postmark calendar for all 366 possible days of the year, represented by interesting appropriate date cancellation stamps from the Kimble collection.

We are publishing, during 2017, a monthly blog post with the date postmarks for that month for everyone's enjoyment.

The introduction, dedication, and links to the other months that have been published, is included with
the January post.

June Postmark Calendar

June 1
Austria 1890 Scott 55 10kr ultamarine
"Franz Josef"
Villach Stadt (Austria) - a city near the Italian & Slovenian borders. (Thanks to Catalin.)

June 2
Switzerland 1882 Scott 87 1fr claret
L'Auberson is in the Canton of Vaud in the Jura Mountains.

June 3
Spain 1940 Scott 699 50c indigo
"Gen. Francisco Franco"

June 4
Romania 1906 Scott 181 25b ultramarine & black
"Romanian Army Crossing Danube"
I'm not aware of a "mandate" in existence for Romanian territories in 1907. Readers?
( Catalin says it's about "postal mandates" postmarks applied to postage stamps.)

June 5
Sweden 1896 Scott 61 25o red orange
"King Oscar II" 
Falun is a city in the province of Dalarna, (Thanks Steamboat Willie.)

June 6
Canada 1870 Scott 35 1c yellow "Victoria"
Brantford, Ontario is the "Telephone City", as Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone there at the home of his father. Wayne Gretzky, possibly the best hockey player ever, was also born there.

June 7
Great Britain 1902 Scott 127 1/2p gray green "Edward VII"
Oxford is the murder capital of England if you watch the Inspector Morse/ Inspector Lewis detective dramas from British television. Oh, they have a pretty good university there too.

June 8
Austria 1859 Scott 9 5kr red, type II
"Emperor Franz Josef"
Pressburg is now Bratislava, Slovakia.

June 9
Great Britain 1902 Scott 127 1/2p gray green "Edward VII"
Leeds is in West Yorkshire, England.

June 10
Belgium 1900 Scott 66 10c bright rose "Leopold"

June 11
Denmark 1954 Scott 345 30o red
"Nyborg Castle"

June 12
USA 1923 Scott 560 8c olive green "Grant"

June 13
Belgium 1905 Scott 85 10c dull rose
"King Leopold"
Bohan sur Semois is a village in the Ardennes mountains on the Semois river, only 2 km from the French border.

June 14
Great Britain 1881 Scott 89 1p lilac "Victoria"
Motherwell, a town in Scotland, south east of Glasgow. (Thanks Catalin.)

June 15
Great Britain 1912 Scott 160 1p scarlet "George V"

June 16
Netherlands 1894 Scott 41 5c light ultramarine
"Princess Wilhelmina"

June 17
Belgium 1870 Scott 34 30c buff
"King Leopold I" 
North Brussels

June 18
Great Britain 1902 Scott 127 1/2p gray green "Edward VII"
South Kensington, a district of west London (Thanks Catalin.)

June 19
USA 1899 Scott 279B 2c red, type IV "Washington"
Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The Cedar river flows through, where upstream several hundred miles by the Little Cedar and Wapsipinicon rivers ("The Wapsi"), my wonderful spouse was born. ;-)

June 20
Colombia 1908 Scott 327 2c red "Numerals"
From Salamina, apparently. This historical town  is at almost 6000 feet, and coffee is one of the main exports.

June 21
USA 1862 Scott R42c 20c Inland Exchange, red
Revenue Stamp

June 22
Egypt  1884 Scott 37 1p ultramarine
"Sphinx and Pyramid"

June 23
Great Britain 1902 Scott 127 1/2p gray green "Edward VII"

June 24
Romania 1935 Scott 449 2 l green
"King Carol II"

June 25
Spain 1940 Scott 699 60c dull orange
"Gen. Francisco Franco"
Probably Madrid.

June 26
Austria 1875 Scott 57 10kr blue "Franz Josef"
Fine Print
The village of St. Leonhard im Pitztal is at the base of the Wildspitze (3,774 m), the highest mountain  in the Tyrol.

June 27
Liberia 1923 Scott 218 10c slate & brown
"Pres. Charles Dunbar Burgess King"
Buchanan, the third largest city in Liberia. (Thanks Catalin!)

June 28
Belgium 1884 Scott 52 10c rose.bluish
"King Leopold II"
Leuven, Belgium, in Flemish Brabrant ,25 km east of Brussels.

June 29
Trinidad & Tobago 1938 Scott 58 24c dark olive green & black
"Government House"
San Fernando is now the "industrial capital', because of its proximity to the oil refineries and smelters.

June 30
USA 1918 Scott 525 1c gray green
"George Washington"
Probably Des Plaines, Illinois, close to Chicago and the O'Hare International Airport.

Tasmania 1902 Scott 96 1p dull red
"Mt. Wellington"
Out of the Blue
Some of the postmarks are identified, others are not. Help from readers is appreciated. ;-)

Note: all of the stamps featured for the post are part of the Kimble collection.

Comments appreciated!


  1. this is a fun and nice presentation of classic stamps.

    June 10 : Charleroi perhaps?


  2. Hi, Jim, I'll try some!
    - June 1st: Villach Stadt (Austria), a city near the Italian & Slovenian borders;
    - June 4th: it's about 'postal mandates' postmarks applied on the postage stamps;
    - June 14th: I think is Motherwell, a town in Scotland, south east of Glasgow;
    - June 18th: South Kensington, a district of West London.
    Best regards! Catalin

    1. Catalin- thanks so much! I added the information.

  3. Hello again, Jim! I'm pretty sure that in the postmark for the 27th of June is Buchanan, the 3rd largest city in Liberia. Warm wishes, Catalin

  4. Very nice blog. Any reason you don't have Israel listed on your list of countries?

    1. Good question. Yes. I don't cover countries that were formed after 1940. Other examples would be Indonesia and PRC.

  5. The june 5 postmark is "FALUN P.A" Falun is a city in the province of Dalarna, but the "P.A" had me confused for a while.

    The "Falun P.A" was used between august, 30 1902 and january 20, 1933.

    I haven't figured out what "P.A" stands for, but it's a suboffice or expedition of the main "Falun" post office.

    1. Thanks Steamboat Willie. I'm amazed you could figure out the postmark considering the little that was there.

  6. Well, there's no doubt about it. I even found a somewhat more readable postmark online:

    Btw. the "P.A" stands for "Post Anvisning" i.e. "money order" (expedition).

    The type of postmark in question is the "Nst 17" (Normal-cancellation Type 17).