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Thursday, November 26, 2020

Monaco - Bud's Big Blue

Monaco, Scott #C53-C54, Prince Rainier III and Princess Grace
Bud's Big Blue
Bud's Observations
Although smaller than the average Kansas corn farm, Monaco cultivates more super wealthy folks per acre than any place on earth. It can afford tax shelters to protect this tender crop thanks to proceeds from tourists, gamblers (foreigners only) and stamp collectors.

The government prints more stamps than the locals need, then exports the surplus to not-so-wealthy collectors, a trickle-up irrigation scheme. Usually eBay has more Monaco stamp lots on offer than the country has people living there. Delcampe, a European auction site, is trying to sell ten times that number, starting as low as $0.02.

Some Monaco princes are said to have collected stamps but, apparently, not avidly enough to dry up the overproduction.

My Monaco stamps - all common as corn in Kansas - came entirely from feeder albums. A few have moderately high CVs, but none will win county fair ribbons.

Census: 143 in BB spaces, one tip-in, 49 on supplement pages.

Jim's Observations
Bud has a realistic view of Monaco and it's stamps. I have imprinted on me - for better or for worse- my childhood romantic view. You see, I clearly recall the exotic triangular shaped Monaco stamps I received "on approval" from a certain well known dealer from Boston who advertised in "Boy's Life", guaranteed to increase in value. Then there was the whole Princess Grace - Prince Rainier thing in the news. Even now, there is a certain extra thrill when I obtain a Monaco stamp - vestiges from my childhood memories.

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  1. Jim, I have the same experience as you with Monaco stamps as a boy. They definitely have some attractive stamps. I have been fortunate enough to have visited the country twice. Interesting place.

    1. Chris, I think it was H.E. Harris that had an ad showing off triangular stamps of Monaco in "Boy's Life" that I remember. I sent away for "approvals".
      I think Monaco is also a very expensive place. ;-) I wouldn't mind visiting someday, as they have one of the major World's track meets there, one of my other interests.