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Tuesday, May 23, 2023

British Honduras 1891-1938

1898 Scott 46 25c red brown & green "Victoria"
"Postage"...."Postage", Wmk 2, Perf 14
Into the Deep Blue

This entry will look at, in greater depth, some stamps/issues of British Honduras from 1891 to 1938. Previous relevant blog posts are.....

British Honduras 1866-1891

British Honduras Part B: A Closer Look

1891-98 Scott 38-46 "Victoria"
Wmk 2, Perf 14, Typographed, De la Rue

The British Honduras typographed De la Rue "Victoria" issue of 1891-98 is similar in appearance to other De la Rue colonial issues of the era (Example: Gambia 1898 Issue). Note the "Postage"..."Postage" inscribed tablets in either side of Victoria's visage.

CV ranges from <$1 (2c carmine rose) to $95 (25c red brown & green).

1899 Scott 49 10c green & lilac "Victoria"
Regular Issue Overprinted in Black
Overprint 12 mm Long

There was a need for the stamps to serve "revenue" as well as "postage" uses - because in 1899, four regular issue stamps were overprinted "revenue". Note the major number has the OP 12 mm long, but there also exists minor number OP 11 mm long. CV for the 10c stamp (shown) is $19. 

1901 Scott 53 10c violet & green "Victoria"
1899-1901 Issue .."Postage"..."Revenue"

Between 1899-1901, De la Rue also printed a five stamp "Victoria" issue with "Postage"..."Revenue".  The 10c stamp above has a CV of $11, but the $1, $2, & $5 denominations are CV $95-$325.

1916-1918 Scott MR1-MR5
Regular Issues Overprinted "War"
War Tax Stamps

Here is a scan of all of the 1916-18 "War Tax" stamps. Note the 1916 Scott MR1 1c green "George V" with violet Moire overprint is shown enlarged by the "Out of the Blue" section below.

Semi-Postal 1932 Scott B1-B5 "George V"
Regular Issue of 1921-29 Surcharged in Black or Red
"Belize Relief Fund"

A semi-postal five stamp issue with overprinted surtax was produced in 1932 to aid those affected by the city of Belize hurricane of September, 1931. CV ranges from $3 to $10.

1938 Scott 123 50c dark violet & black
"Chicle Industry"

I featured  some of the 1938 pictorials with previous British Honduras posts, but here are the higher denomination value stamps in the set. CV for the 50c is $13 unused.

The "chicle industry"   for chewing gum was part of British Honduras's economy.

1938 Scott 124 $1  olive green & carmine
"Court House, Belize"

CV is $18 unused. These engraved bi-colors are some of the best of the colonial issues in my opinion.

1938 Scott 125 $2  rose lake & indigo
"Mahogany Cutting"

CV is $20. What a gorgeous stamp!

The Mahogony trade was quite important in British Honduras, and later, Belize. 

1938 Scott 126 $5  brown & carmine
"Seal of Colony"

CV is $19. "Sub Umbra Floreo" (Latin) means "I flourish in the shade" - referring to both the ubiquitous British Honduras tree canopy - and - under the protection of the colony.

1916 Scott MR1 1c green "George V"
1915 Scott 85 Overprinted "War" Locally
Wmk 3, Perf 14, With Violet Moire Overprint

Out of the Blue

I hope you enjoyed looking at some more classical era stamps of British Honduras. I did!

Comments appreciated!

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