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Saturday, May 6, 2023

British Honduras 1866-1891

British Honduras 
1888 Scott 32 50c on 1sh gray "Victoria"
Surcharged in London

Into the Deep Blue

In 2018, I did a "closer look" post for British Honduras (link below). But I have since acquired another British Honduras collection, and I can now do an even deeper dive. ;-)

This post will review the 1866-91 issues, while the next post will cover (in part) the rest of the classical era.


British Honduras Map

Here is one of Gerben's maps. The link will take you to an improved "wayback machine" link with most of his website intact.

British Colonial and Crown Agent Watermarks
Top Row: Wmk 1 "Crown and C C"
Bottom Row, Left: Wmk 2 "Crown and C A"
Bottom Row, Right: Wmk 3 "Multiple Crown and C A"

The first British Honduras issues (seventeen stamps) of 1866-1887 are of the same A1 "Queen Victoria" typographic design by De la Rue. They differ by color (in some cases), Perf ( 14 vs 12 1/2), and watermark (Unwmk, Crown Colonies Wmk 1, Crown Colonies Wmk 2).

Here is a pic of Wmk 1 & Wmk 2 as an identification aid.

1866 Scott 3 1sh green "Victoria"
Unwmk., Typography De La Rue, Perf 14

When De la Rue first printed these British Honduras "Victoria" stamps in 1866, the 6p and 1sh were printed on the same sheet as the 1p. Here is an example of the 1sh green, perf 14, and unwatermarked (CV $145). 

1872 Scott 5 3p reddish brown "Victoria"
Wmk 1, Perf 12 1/2

The issue of 1872 (1p, 3p, 6p, 1sh) was perforated 12 1/2 and had Wmk 1. The 3p reddish brown is CV $90.

1877 Scott 8 1p blue "Victoria"
Wmk 1, Perf 14

The 1877-79 issue (1p, 3p, 4p, 6p, 1sh) changed the Perf to 14, while keeping Wmk 1. CV for the1p blue is $30+ (used); $80+ (unused).

1884 Scott 14 1p rose "Victoria"
Wmk 2, Perf 14
The 1882-87 issue (1p, 4p, 6p, 1sh) has a Wmk 2. The 1p denomination can be found in "blue" and "rose".  The 1p "rose" has a CV of $16.

1882 Scott 15 4p violet "Victoria"
Wmk 2, Perf 14

The 4p violet is the least expensive of the A1 "Victoria" stamps @ $5+.

1888 Scott 22 2c on 1p rose "Victoria"
Wmk 2, Perf 14

The reality of being located in the Western hemisphere close to the United States meant that, in 1888, the currency was changed from Pence/Shillings into Cents/British Honduras Dollar.

In 1888, a group of 1872-87 previously issued  A1 design "Victoria" stamps were surcharged in "cents" locally in black.  The surcharged stamps consisted of both Wmk 1 & Wmk 2, but I will only show Wmk 2 stamps here. 

The 2c on 1p rose (above) has a CV of $15.

1888 Scott 23 10c on 4p violet "Victoria"
Wmk 2, Perf 14

The 10c on 4p violet is CV $70. I should mention that the local surcharges can be found inverted - with a much higher CV price.

1888 Scott 24 20c on 6p yellow "Victoria"
Wmk 2, Perf 14

The 20c on 6p is CV $30+. 

1888 Scott 26 2c (red) on 50c on 1sh gray "Victoria"
Scott 25 with additional Surcharge in Red
Wmk 2, Perf 14

The Scott 25 50c on 1sh gray I don't have: perhaps because it is more scarce  with a CV of $475. 

However, the Scott 26  red surcharge "two" on the 50c on 1sh gray I do have @ CV $60. There is also known a much rarer black surcharge "two" @ CV $16,000. 

1888-89 Scott 28-32 
Stamps of 1872-87 Surcharged in Black

There was also issued in 1888-89 surcharged stamps that were done in London, rather than locally. They have a different font surcharge, so should not be confused with the local surcharge. CV ranges from $1- $40. 

1891 Scott 33-36 

In 1891, additional stamps were surcharged (as shown) in black or red. The first three shown are additional local surcharges, while the 6c on 3d blue was surcharged in London in April, 1891.

CV ranges from $2+- $6.

1891 Scott 37 15c (R) on 6c on 3p
Scott 36 with additional Surcharge 

But the 6c on 3p blue was also additionally surcharged with 15c (red) locally on Oct 23, 1891. CV is $18.

Out of the Blue

Nice! I will continue with more British Honduras stamps of the era 1891-1938 with the next blog post.

Comments appreciated!

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