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Friday, February 2, 2018

Falkland Islands - Bud's Big Blue

King Penguin: One of only a Few
Bud's Big Blue
Bud's Observations
Falkland Islands census report (estimates).
Commoners (citizens)                -- 2,932 on the islands (2012); 0 visible on pre-1941 stamps.

Kings/Queens                                -- 0 visits to the islands; 87 pictures on pre-1941 stamps.

Sheep                                                -- 488,395 on the islands (2011); 27 on pre-1941 stamps.

Penguins                          -- 1,100,000+ on the islands; 26 on pre-1941 stamps.
                                 King penguin (above) is endangered.

Black necked swans    -- 200 breeding pairs on the islands (2002); 2 on pre-1941 stamps.

Upland geese                 -- 150,000 pairs on the islands (1997); 1 on pre-1941 stamps.

Sea lions                          -- 7,047 on the islands (2008) but 380,000 in 1930s; 3 on pre-1941 stamps.

Norwegian rats             -- billions (?) on the islands; 0 visible on pre-1941 stamps.

Conclusion: Commoners and rats are under represented on classic era Falkland Islands stamps.

Album census: 37 in BB spaces, 10 tip-ins.

Jim's Observations
Really, quite interesting issues, although the color varieties of the Victorians are challenging indeed. The 1933 Falkland islands twelve stamp pictorials probably rank as one of the all time great British colonial stamp issues. Unfortunately, besides the first two ( the 1/2p & 1p), the next six are generally in the $20-$50 category, and then goes up from there.

Falkland Islands and Checklist Blog Post

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