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Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Printing error on stamp space in '97 Big Blue

The Austrian 1922-24 Scott 292 200k dark violet . Printing error on stamp space in 1997 edition.

 One should be aware of a printing error in Austria in the latest Big Blue 1997 edition . Interesting, because the error only exists in the 1997 edition, and not in my 1969,1947 or 1941 editions. Very curious. It is found in the 1922-24 "Symbols of Art and Science" issue and involves the stamp space for the Scott 292 200k dark violet stamp. This stamp comes in no other color than dark violet. Yet the stamp space description runs thus: 200k "deep green". Of interest is the adjacent stamp space on the left for the Scott 291 100k deep green is correctly described as 100k "deep green". Somehow it appears the color description for the 100k stamp was also put in the 200k stamp space.

The '41,'47, and '69 Big Blues have the correct description for the 200K. Notice the larger Font.

The '97 Big Blue with the "Deep Green" descriptive error on the 200K space. Note the smaller Font.

A closer look reveals a change in the size of the Font in the '97 edition. Clearly there had to be some hand work/computer work done for the Font change in the '97, and an error was made. I'm not knowledgeable about printing set-up; perhaps someone has an opinion how this error occurred?

So the larger question: are there other "changeling's" out there in the '97 Big Blue?  :-)

Addendum 5-2-11: An even closer look reveals some font changes as outlined above, while other page fonts are the same with previous editions. In Austria, it appears the font is smaller in the '97 edition compared to previous ('69,'47,'41) editions for 1908-13,1916,1922-24, and the first page of the semi-postals in Austria. Most of the fonts though appear to be the same as previous editions.

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