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Friday, November 5, 2021

Dutch Indies - 1915-1938 Semi-postal stamps

1930 Scott B7 15c (+5c) ultramarine & brown
Borobudur Temple Java

Into the Deep Blue

The Netherlands are famous for their finely designed semi-postals, and so it is for the Netherlands Indies.

For the Dutch Indies, the original post is here, and the 1864-1908 post is here.

1915 Scott B3 10c + 5c rose "Wilhelmina"
Regular issue of 1912-14 Surcharged in Carmine

Although many of the semi-postals for the Dutch Indies have their unique design, the first semi-postal issue of 1915 (three stamps) are surcharged Netherlands stamps. The surtax was for the Red Cross.

1930 Scott B4 2c (+1c) violet & brown
Bali Temple 

The 1930 issue of four stamps has this wonderful local building landmark imagery. One could argue that this is one of the all time great issues for colonial Netherlands.

1930 Scott B5 5c (+2 1/2c) dark green & brown

The watchtower almost looks hand drawn. I think the photogravure print is responsible for this elegance.

1930 Scott B6 12 1/2c (+ 2 1/2c) deep red & brown
Menangkabau Compound

The surtax was for "jeugdzorg" (youth care).

CV is $15 for the set.

1932 Scott B12 2c (+ 1c) deep violet  & bister

In 1932, a four stamp issue was produced featuring local artisans.

1932 Scott B13 5c (+ 2 1/2c) deep green & bister
Plaiting rattan

The set was bi-colored, and used the photogravure printing technique.

1932 Scott B15 15c (+ 5c) blue & bister

The surtax was donated to the Salvation Army. CV for the set is $5+ (used).

1933 Scott B18 12 1/2c (+ 2 1/2c) vermilion & olive bister
YMCA emblem

The 1933 set of four photogravure stamps had a surtax for the Amsterdam Young Men's Society for relief of the poor in the Netherlands Indies. CV (set) is $8+.

1935 B21-B24 bi-colored 

The 1935 set surtax was for the Indies Committee of the Christian Military Association for the East and West Indies. The subjects include "A Pioneer at work", "Cavalryman rescuing wounded native", "Artilleryman under fire", and "Bugler". CV is $8 for the set (used).

1937 Scott B32-B36 

The 1937 set surtax was for the Public Relief Fund for indigenous poor. 

Topics include "Sifting Rice", "Mother and Children", "Plowing with carabao team", "Carabao team and cart", and "Native couple".

CV set is $4 (used). Lovely design!

1938 Scott B36B 20c (+ 5c) slate
"Plane nose facing left", Photogravure

I picked this stamp because it has an ominous feel to it (anticipating  WWII?).

The two stamp semi-postal set was issued to honor the 10th anniversary of the Dutch East Indies Royal Air Lines (K. N. I. L. M.). The surtax was for the Aviation Fund in the Netherlands Indies. 

1932 Scott B14 12 1/2c (+ 2 1/2c) bright rose & bister
Woman batik dyer
Out of the Blue

I hope this selection of Dutch Indies semi-postals demonstrate the exquisite nature of these stamps for you.

Comments appreciated!

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